Barry DeBenedetta Guitar/Lead Guitar

Songwriter/Multi-Platinum Award Winning lead Guitarist from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the name DeBenedetta elicites the wonderful nostalgia of classic 80’s rock with the bristling talent of a one-of-a-kind musician. Guitarist for British rock band "Waysted," the opening act for the Ozzy Osbourne "Bark at the Moon," Motley Crue "Shout at the Devil" and Waysted "Vices" 1984 World Tour, which is currently ranked as the "4th Greatest Metal Moment of All Times," by VH-1.In 1986 Barry DeBenedetta was the featured Lead Guitarist on Cinderella's Triple Platinum Debut Album "Night Songs," that sold well over three and a half million copies worldwide earning him both Gold and Multi-Platinum Record Sales Awards for contributing to the band's success.

Barry currently resides with his wife in Nashville TN, and when not writing or touring with DeBenedetta, Barry tours the US speaking to youth groups and christian workshops about his musical journey and the trials he has overcome.

Shimmer Johnson- Vocals/Piano/Harmonies

Shimmer Johnson was born and raised in Canada and is well-known for her haunting melody lines, honest lyrics, and touching songs, connecting with her audience in a way that leaves them with her songs on ‘repeat’. Shimmer adds her own piano to the music, as well as vocals, collaborating with people all over the world, such as Steve McClintock (“All This Time” for 80's pop star “Tiffany”), and Kevin Fisher, well known for his work with “Rascall Flatts”.

Writing songs for multiple genres, ranging from pop, contemporary, and rock, Shimmer Johnson is proving to be a formidable and versatile force in the North American music scene.

Zack Gizowski Synth/Programming

With a strong background in classical piano and theatre arts, Zack Gizowski brings a solid portfolio of talent to the DeBenedetta band. Having worked on and performed in shows which include Glass Tiger, Simone Denny (Love, Inc), and Tiffany, Zack has also programmed synth for the DeBenedetta sound since its inception. His arts portfolio also includes significant photography work and brilliant visuals and animation for bands and artists.

Keith Runco Drums

Ian Hunter Bass

A graduate of Grant MacEwan university with an advanced music degree, Ian has been playing rock and jazz for over 30 years. His first foray into original music was the progressive rock band Paragon, who were a power trio of keys, drums and bass with a huge following in Alberta. Ian specialty is upright and fretless bass, and in DeBenedetta you can hear him anchoring the music and complimenting Shimmer's haunting vocal takes.